How to choose wood floors

How to choose wood floors

Hardwood flooring is versatile enough to fit into any decor, from the most contemporary to traditional. Wood floors last for decades, look better with age, and when they do look excessively scratched or worn, all it usually takes is a refinishing to bring them back to luster. When selecting these floors, it’s not just a simple matter of choosing a color, so think about the following to help you choose the best one for you.

Which version of hardwood?

There is solid and engineered wood flooring. Unlike solid, which is one thickness throughout, engineered is layered. The top is a species like oak, maple, cherry, or whatever you choose, but underneath are three or more genuine wood layers combined with some resin and placed in a crosswise position. This gives the floor stability, a better ability to handle water, and more versatility for installation in higher-than-normal moisture areas; it can even be installed in basements. Like solid, it can be sanded and adds value to a property.

Factory-finished or on-site?

Many prefer factory-finished because they know right away what they are getting and already have samples in hand. There are also no odors or messes to deal with, and once the floor arrives, it can be walked on immediately. Others, however, prefer on-site because they can create custom stain colors and have better control over sheen.

Which species for you?

You’ll have hundreds from which to choose, but you need to think of a few things: First, do you have extra durability needs? All hardwoods don’t have the same level of strength, so ask about the Janka Rating, which determines a wood's hardness.

Do you want an exotic species, like teak, which is very hard, dark, dramatic, and, some say, more contemporary? Domestics, such as oak, maple, hickory, ash, and cherry, are warmer and more traditional; many, like oak and hickory, are especially hard. Also, do you want an abundance of knots and swirls, like oak, or something a little more subtle such as cherry?

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