Carpet Flooring

What are carpet styles, and what's best for me?

The choices can seem a little overwhelming but, to simplify, we tell our customers that it comes down to three basic carpeting styles. These include the straight looped, cut pile, and cut and loop, and then there are various sub-categories and styles within. So be sure you explore your lifestyle, needs, and wants to find the soft surface floor covering that will perform best for you.

Straight looped construction

All rugs start with the fibers attached to the backing and either stay that way or cut into various lengths, called piles. Some carpets also have a combination of both cut and loop fibers which create multiple patterns and textures.

Level loop, Berber and cut-pile

Many people use the terms level loop and Berber interchangeably and, while they are both straight looped constructions, there is a subtle difference. Berber-style rugs have a thicker yarn and a neutral color palette with flecks of color, with those flecks being a good camouflage for dirt.

Shags are high pile rugs with long, loose yarns. Sometimes referred to as "sheepdog rugs," they require extra care to keep them clean, so shags are best for less busy rooms, like the bedroom. Frieze, also a high pile, has yarns so tightly twisted curl. These rugs are incredible for casual, high-traffic areas like the family room. Low pile rugs have short, tightly woven threads, are more durable, and are easier to keep clean.

Cut pile and Saxony. Cut pile rugs have short, even fibers that stand straight up. Saxony is a type of cut pile but with longer fibers that go in different directions. Saxony Straight (or Plush or Velvet) is soft, luxurious, and has a more formal look, while Saxony Textured (or Trackless) is suitable for either casual or traditional rooms.

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